Jeffrey Burum’s Background Information and Resume

Jeffrey Burum needs to be recognized for his outstanding accomplishments. When it comes to the private business sector, he stands second to none in terms of launching and sustaining reputable business practices. With over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial properties, he is now being acknowledged as one of the Inland Empire’s most prominent business leaders. Displaying his stellar entrepreneurial savvy in 1991, Mr. Burum founded and launched Diversified Pacific, located in Southern California’s Rancho Cucamonga; he played an instrumental role in successfully completing the construction of numerous single-family homes.


The following year Mr. Burum became a cofounder of The Colonies at San Antonio: a community in Upland, California, consisting of 400 acres and over 1100 quality residences. In addition to that, he also implemented the Colony Crossroads, a sizeable retail center expanding over one million square feet, a project that has attracted a variety of prominent business owners, but also creating convenient access for Upland residents.


As Jeffrey Burum is noted for generating substantial revenue and creating employment; his altruistic side remains in the spotlight He created National Community Renaissance, aka National CORE, a non-profit organization that has given back to multiple communities. This particular organization has collaborated to build or purchase over 12,000 multi-family dwellings across the country. In 2009 the institute stood proud as the nation’s number one non-profit developer as well as being the country’s 3rd largest affordable housing provider. National CORE became the first group of its kind to construct and supervise its own pieces of real estate. The program has proven to be successful, which is no surprise. It has had a positive impact on over 20,000 families (in six different states) that have fallen on hard times and were desperately in need of assistance. National CORE has provided essential sustenance, creating a strong sense of community ties. Jeffrey Burum has effectively applied his top-notch abilities in business philosophy and carried them over to his philanthropic endeavors, hence becoming distinguishable as a social service maven. He has gained recognition for his expertise on finding a way to create affordable housing, and he consults with colleagues on an annual basis. No longer residing as Chairman of the Board, Mr. Burum felt that passing the torch was a good idea, as he moved onto other frontiers.


Not only has Jeffrey Burum served on numerous state and federally related commissions, he currently offers his savoir faire and knowhow to a variety of financial institutions such as AIG Sun America’s Asset Management Company, and the Vandalia Heritage Foundation, a company established in 1998  that deals with structural revitalization in West Virginia.


Mr Burum says that he owes his success to his mentors at Claremont McKenna College, who took the time to show him the ropes regarding what it takes to become an overall financial success. An accomplished man, no doubt; Jeffrey S. Burum will continue to thrive and provide help to the businesses and communities that are lucky enough to be graced by his presence.

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